TSOTH day 25 Patch


What's in the Patch?

Bug fix:

- With the help of the players, we found a few minor bugs (Gloria's conversation bug, Debra's workroom bug), these will be fixed in the 1.1 Patch version.

Add scenes:

- The Cili scene becomes available to everyone.

-On the 25th day, another sex scene with Debra after getting up in the morning


How does Patch work?

After downloading and installing the game file, the game will work as if it received a normal upload. Save files will also work and Patch will see them.

Do I have to replay day 25?

Yes, because the new scenes are added to the gameplay as an add-on.

Where can I download the Patch?


The given link contains 3 files, these are the PC, Android and Mac versions! Please download and install the appropriate file for you!

If you have any questions, write them here in the comments, send us a private message, or contact us on Discord!

Thank you for your support and for playing our games!