We reached more patrons this month than ever.

Over 5 characters had sex in this update.  

Thank you for your love and support!

We opened a poll for you to decide who we should have sex with. 

You can choose:

Diana, Debra,Rita,Liza,Cintia,Adriana,Anett,Rose.

Or write your idea here!

Have a nice time playing our games!


  1. Can someone help me with ghost questions of if you do

  2. Great game and I enjoyed my time playing it
    please continue
    Hope to see more of Debra and Liza in the next update
    And I was hoping to see them have sex with Fred without covering their wonderful bodies with clothes
    Thank you very much for this wonderful game and once again don't stop

  3. Would love to see some scenes for Cintia, Rita, or Annet cuz I think it will be too much if sex scenes will always revolve in Debra and Liza. Also, thankyou for creating this game!

  4. Need more longer scenes with debra , she's the best.