Discreen Vision started to create adult visual novels and adventure click and point games. The games are full of original art, animations, and music.

The Secret of the house- Milf Story: WE KEEP YOU UPDATED OF THE PROGRESS!!!!!!!

The Secret of the house is a long sex adventure. Our hero Fred loses his parents and lands in the house of a close friend of his father. Fred meets the sexy housewife Debra. Debra is angry at the world because her marriage got ruined and she needs to take care of our hero until he finishes university. Fred meets a lot of sexy milfs in the game and you can decide how they go with their relationship! Are you ready to help him find out the truth about his father and family? Are you ready to meet hot women and take any action? This game is your place to get some adult dreams to come true!

-Multiple locations
-Multiple storylines
-Traditional high quality animations
-Hidden scenes
-Characters respond to your actions differently
-Sexy pinups and wallpapers
-Inventory system
-Uniq music
-Updates will be released every month.
-Powered by Renpy Engine!

If you do- a side project
If you do is a strategy porn game. Our hero The Prince needs to protect the land and build up his empire. Everyone is a potential sexual partner for our hero. Meet witches, queens, and sexy peasants, and have a nice adult time!

Factotum- side project
The factotum of the block, Alexander repairs everything. This game is an interactive click and point game based on old-style games. Help our hero to find solutions and check his sexual adventures with any of the women in the game!

Gasmine- a side project
Gasmien visual novel is a porn-style adventure game. Meet Disney-style milfs and have a sexual adventure with them! The game is made in a unique old style and contains high quality animations!

Why Should I Support the Discreen Vision team, And What Will I Get For It?
Well, we hope you'd be supporting it because you like what we are doing and want us to keep doing it as long as possible, but if that isn't the case, you'll still get early access to game updates, you can vote on game polls, from tier 5 Usd you get exclusive pinups in every 3. day! From Tier 3 Usd you get access to Milf porn comics. With tier 20 USD get access to exclusive artbooks!

Note that games are still in expansion, we are at the beginning of the development! We have a lot more to show you!
The monthly content will grow with the support!

*All Characters In this game are above 18 years old!!!!!

Please do not share Discreen Vision games without our permission! Thank you!

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